Films and lectures



Jane Goodall Institute film - title: Gombe 50, 3 minute

Jane Goodall Institute – The activities of the Jane Goodall Institute in Africa - lecture presenter: Dr. Katalin Csatádi, vice-president



African Art Group – Fair Trade presentation, presenter: Ada Dohnal

African Arts – lecture, presenter: Gassama-Szabó Bernadett



Oltalom Charitable Association – Homeless for the victims of flood - film about the voluntary action in Szendrő, where homeless people and social workers helped in renovating the houses of roma victims of the flood

Length: 25 min

A film by: Anita Koléner



Oltalom Charitable Association – Discussion about the Csillagszálló magazine – with authors, editors



Foundation for Africa short film – Humanitarian tourism

Foundation for Africa - The opportunity to study is a chance to come out of poverty; Poverty is relative, presenter: Zoltán Frank



Hátország (Hinterland) Association - Presentation"The trouble of poverty nearby and afar”



People without shelter finding the way – a film by Van Esély Foundation 52 min

After the film - discussion with Babett Tatár, the foundation’s manager

Title: A different kind of rescue - "Way out of homelessness"

Year of production: 2010

Length: 52 min

Director: Dorka Herner

Cameraman: Márton Vízkelety

Editor: Dániel Szabó

Story: Witness the last few steps of the characters of the film on their cranky way out of homelessness, getting to know the causes, premises and helpers.



Taita Foundation – Short film about the life in the Bura orphanage



PTE BTK Africa Research Center - Why is Africa poor? - presenter Bábor Búr PhD, chief editor of African Studies



3 themes about poverty 78 min, black and white

After the film discussion with the director, special guest Miklós Tamás Gáspár

Director: Béla Szobolits, Cameraman: András Z. Surányi, Sound engineer: Vince Kapcsos

Production: Golden Conch

Producer: Annamária Körmendi

Short introduction:

A documentary was shot in February 2009 about the poor in Hungary. The film drafts a picture about the Hungarian families with many children struggling to keep their homes despite debts and hardship, through personal fates and narratives ("Poverty"), as well as the fate of unemployed, homeless people, or those living in their own homes without gas and electricity, stock in deep poverty ("Deep poverty").

In the third part ("Summary after 20 years"), Miklós Tamás Gáspár philosopher, an emblematic figure of the Hungarian political transition speaks about the social mechanisms of two decades, the root causes of poverty and its dramatic consequences.

"Since the end of the '90-s, when I had to reconsider my political and ideological standpoints- among other as the unfortunate impact of reality – I am battling with serious guilt of conscience, as one of the founders of this system." (Miklós Tamás Gáspár, citation from the 3rd theme of the film)



Food for Life Foundation short film: Food sharing in Felsőzsolca 10 min



Amnesty International – Poverty and Human Rights lecture – and the introduction of Demand Dignity group, presenter: Szabolcs Sepsi



African-Hungarian Union short films: tarp sharing, voluntary medical missions, Budapest-Bamako Rally humanitarian program


Venue: Room I inner part










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