Participating organizations



Africa Research Center Pécs

Stand, Lecture – Why is Africa poor by Búr Gábor


African Art Group

Stand, Exhibition, Lecture on Fair Trade and African Arts


African Hungarian Union

Stand, Photo exhibition, Films


African Studies



Amnesty International

Stand, Petition


Consulate of Madagascar

Stand, Coloring, Flag making, Logic game, Madagascar quiz


Ebony African Organization

Stand, Introduction of the Shoes 4 Africa campaign, Face painting, Mask making, Afro Dance Workshop



Stand, 1 Billion Hungry Campaign – signature collecting against hunger


Far From Home Foundation

Stand, Mehndi (henna painting), Paper necklace making, Drawing competition with prizes, What do you know about the World? (Knowledge test)


Food For Life Foundation – Hungarian Krishna-conscious Believers Community

Stand, Food sampling, Game with gift, Film: Food sharing in Felsőzsolca 10’, Gaura-vani Dance Group – Bollywood dances, dance teaching, Yoga presentation


Foundation for Africa

Stand, Lecture: The opportunity to study is a chance to come out of poverty, Photo exhibition: Poverty is relative – examples from Congo, Short film


Hátország (Hinterland) Association

Stand, Presentation titled"The trouble of poverty nearby and afar”


Humana Association

Stand, Humana Magazine, human rights game with map, bean-sack sowing


Hungarian Africa Platform



Jane Goodall Institute

Stand, Textile bag painting (500 Huf), Lecture, Short film


Menhely Foundation

Stand, "Life-wheel Jenga" game, Fedél Nélkül (Without Shelter) Magazine exhibition


Oltalom Charitable Association

Stand, performance by Oltalom Kulturális Kör: pop-rock concert, poems, Pottery, Painting, Portray drawing, Distribution of Csillagszálló magazine, Discussion about the Csillagszálló magazine with authors, editors, Ki-tekint-Ő – socio-photo exhibition, Homeless for the victims of flood - film


Publikon Publishing house



Sahara Foundation



TAITA Foundation

Stand, Short film about the orphanage of Bura (Kenya)


Van Esély Foundation

Stand, Film screening, discussion after the film


Venue: Room I., Room II, Courtyard I, Courtyard II







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